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OUT TO DINNER/Food is Medicine: If Concord doesn't feel the need to make those old Fantasy jam sessions available because you can just go stream them, screw ‘em. Posi-Tone comes to the rescue once again with a new configuration of the Posi-Tone All Stars doing some tasty retro-progressive jazz on this sax led date. Once again, the hand picked crew is playing like a real band on an almost all original set with almost no chestnuts. Try calling that off without the chops to pull it off. Top shelf listening jazz that hit's the spot.
(PosiTone 8229)

JOHN PRIMER/Hard Times: Ok, enough with these white boys with the blues, Primer has the cred throughout to call himself the real deal. Coming to Chicago from down home and honing his chops on Maxwell Street playing for tips before become band leader for all the Chicago greats, this 75th birthday set is the culmination of being a pro that makes it look easy. They call it traditional but it's really high octane post war migration blues that rocks the joint all night long. When Saturday night shows stretch so long into Sunday mooring, this is the stuff that brings church to you. Smoking!
(Blues House 2022)

BLUE MOON MARQUEE/Scream, Holler & Howl: Is it the duo? Is it Duke Robillard in the producer's chair? Is it the stars in the right place at the right time? This Canadian duo has got smoky, dirty blues that doesn't start until way after dark down like they're to the manor born. Using DIY freedom to passionately take you where they want to go, there's no pretending going on here. Pure badassery that delivers.
(Blue Moon Marquee)

MOTIHARI BRIGADE/Algorithm & Blues: Well, this bunch gets the award for cleverest title of the week. Coming back for round two with high octane aggression in tact, this is the modern take on underground rock so there's no room for nostalgic dad and lad bonding here. Aiming their arrows right at the center of the sun, this is the clarion call the suburban kids need to wake up from their stupor and reclaim their right to be young and pissed off. Most excellent.
(Creative Destruction 116)

ENRICO RAVA-FRED HERSCH/The Song is You: Luckily for ECM, there's no shortage of masters they can pair up for the kind of elegant, simple but stylish recitals that put them on the map originally. With piano and flugelhorn facing off with a vibe that has you believing they recorded this after midnight with the lights off. Not romantic background music but certainly mood music if noir fits your mood. This is the soundtrack of gently warmed Hennessey and 20 watt bulbs illuminating reflection. Powerful as all hell.
(ECM 2746)

KEITH JARRETT/Bordeaux Concert: With a wealth of previously unreleased material that probably rivals the Hendrix archives in scope, we don't have to take Jarrett's forced retirement as hard as he probably does. This 2016 date finds him inproving his way through an evening in France with his nimble mind working as fast and hard as his fast phalanges. The tracks here don't even have titles. What's there to say that hasn't already been said about Jarrett? Even when playing on the fly this cat is monumental and unassailable. Improv played like you wish everyone could.
(ECM 2740)

SARAH PLUM/Personal Noise: There is room in Chicago for other prized malcontents than Jeff Tweedy and Plum fills the bill for modern classical music. Fusing violin and electronics and commissioning new works for world premiers, this forward thinking fiddler obliterates all clichés that litter the genre. Proving that Mozart can only carry the genre for so long, this forward thinking collection leaves no room for pots and pans music and does anything but go gently into that good night. Long hair music that's not just for Sunday afternoon recitals.
(Blue Griffin 619)

EL REBELDE: This is heavy duty long hair music that finds us a little above our pay grade. It sounds like opera to us but it really isn't. It's some new Spanish music fit for a vocalist that comes across with all the elemental touches in tact. A dramatic, forceful set that we're betting the cognoscenti would recognize as the real deal, let the deep classical freaks party on.
(Art Song Colorado 5)

Volume 46
August 13, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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