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DAN DECHELLIS TRIO/Moving Mountains: We're entering a new age. Having honed his piano improv skills under Paul Bley and gotten his funding for his vision via fellow travelers kicking in on Kickstarter, we have a dandy piano date here that would be right at home with anything coming along by your fave jazzbo or contemporary instrumental music hitters. Being one of those cats that doesn't need a suit looking over his shoulder to deliver on the money, compelling work, this is certainly something that should spread beyond in the know Kickstarters. You could be giving the next Vince Guaraldi the push he needs to get out of the halls of academe. Well done.

JASON KLOBNAK QUINTET/New Chapter: He might have an advanced music degree and funding from arts councils but he doesn't let any of that stand in his way. Raising his trumpet in glory, Klobnak delivers killer post bop daddio jazz with just the right Blue Note vibe in tow. A tasty, inviting set, this is a sure bet to bring smiles to your face and ears. A solid work, this demands jazzbo attention.

SARAH PIERCE/Barbed Wire: There are other singer/songwriting gals in Texas beside Terri Hendrix and Pierce is here to give you another flavor. We haven't heard from her in quite some time but she's back with a vengeance. With a back porch version of commerciality, this organic, heartfelt set delivers on what Nashville should if it really wants to reach new listeners. Loaded with smart moves throughout, the majors are missing a sure bet by letting this set be indie. Tasty stuff where country meets folk, this set is a lo fi tonic for sore ears. Check it out.

BOB ALBANESE/Time Remembered: With this title, title track and Eddie Gomez on board, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a tribute set to Bill Evans. Not so. The vet piano jazzbo goes his own way here after nodding to Evans to kick things off. Using his esteemed piano skills to touch a lot of bases, including those of his own making, Albanese delivers the kind of low key piano set that really burns with high flames. Actually a set that pays tribute to fallen people in his life, he turns it into a celebration of their lives as opposed to a dirge. Solid work from a solid pro, knowing how much you enjoy it would probably mitigate his sorrows---it's got that kind of uplifting spirit to it.

ADAM SCONE/I Scream Scone: I'm not sure if Scone realizes what set for the zeitgeist this one is. Streaming stations are surprised to find that people are skipping over the hits. Scone has made a series of one for me records in the past because he enjoys the freedom---up until he was a sideman on a record that went to #1 and thought...hmmmm? So here we have him pointing his B3 in the direction of organ classics that haven't been beaten to death along with his own originals. The result? One of the greatest smoky, after hours organ records to come along in quite some time. It tastes good and it's good for you and you don't have to be a Brooklyn hipster to think it's the most. Kiddies, there was once a time when music was more than the audio equivalent of Velveeta and Ramen noodles----start your search for music that makes you happy here.

MORT WEISS/Is a Jazz Reality Show: A few years ago, Weiss sent out a cd with the note how that was going to be his last recording. The dude has withstood the trials of Job since then and is now back with a new cd showing a good to be alive smile on the cover and good to be alive playing in the grooves. Bringing a band to back his clarinet tootling this time around, he kicks it out on a bunch of chestnuts, bringing the daddio in more than a supper club style. Swinging as well as hooting and hollering when the groove so moves him, this is a wonderful set of off the clock, classic blowing and jamming. Anyone savoring some music with bite will be glad to cock an ear in this direction. Well done.

Volume 38/Number 306
September 1, 2015
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2015 Midwest Record

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