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AXEL KRYGER/Hombre de Piedra: An Argentine sonic maverick comes up with a soundtrack to an imaginary movie about Bigfoot traveling from pre-historic times to the 2.0 era. Fusing loads of popular sub-genres from crime jazz to left field EDM, this is whacked out music for whacked out fans. Nutty stuff that was made for college kids to love who don't love mainstream music, this fills the late night, get high and smile bill.

TARAF DE HAIDOUKS/ Of Lovers, Gamblers and Parachute Skirts: The vet Romanian party band takes a sideways look a their back pages making not so much of a greatest hits album as a greatest vibes album. Sounding like something you would have heard wafting from windows in old school Brooklyn, the ethnic party rolls through the night as the revelers have no reason to quit. One of those ethnic good times where you really don't have to know what's going on because the jam is all. Fun stuff gringos will find coming in from left field in fine style.

MICHAEL OIEN/And Now: A Wisconsin kid that moves to New York unprepared for the way the town chews you up and spits you out shows us that perseverance can pay off. After ten years of flying under the radar, he's coming with his debut that sets a new standard for sitting down jazz. Relaxed Sunday afternoon listening, Oien and his bass lead the way through the morass of the day to bring you to a soft landing spot when it's all over. Skillfully played and written, jazz has a welcome new voice coming in over the transom. Solid set.

FRANK CARLBERG & LEO GENOVESE/Shadows & Reflections: Improv date from two jazz piano men that will never be confused with Ferrante & Teicher, this set finds them pushing the boundaries right into arts council territory. A sonic fusillade that keeps coming from left field, this isn't something that's going to please smooth jazz fans. They had fun making it and malcontents will keep the good times rolling with this date that mere mortals just won't understand.

RAN BLAKE & CHRISTINE CORREA/Road Keeps Winding: This vocal/piano duo saddles up for another round of their on going tribute to Abbey Lincoln. With Lincoln coming from deep in the civil rights era, Correa keeps the tortured artist effect in full effect imbuing the lyrics with the pain borne of the era. The anger and vision that powered her music is in tact and Lincoln is probably smiling down on this effort hat doesn't water her ouveur down.

INSIDE AMY SCHUMER seasons 1 & 2: Schumer says she didn't get a lot of dates in high school because her cupie doll looks sent the boys elsewhere. I don't believe it. Armed with her sense of humor that had to be gestating back then and her attitude about sex that didn't just come along yesterday, you know she was one of those one of the guys kind of gal that was just a popular as the homecoming queen and probably not as much of a tampon (email me for the reference if you need to). If you didn't see this massiveness coming with her debut album, the first two seasons of her sketch comedy show seal the deal on Schumer being one of the funniest beings on two legs right now. Uncensored and with extra features, it's grand to see Schumer keep it coming. Killer stuff on the highest shelf.

Volume 38/Number 150
March 30, 2015
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2015 Midwest Record

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