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NESTOR TORRES/Jazz Flute Traditions: If you were digging him in the late 60s, this set makes you feel like you did when you first happened onto Herbie Mann. A solid set of flute jazz that tips the cap to august composers and smoking, well known tunes, this is no homage for the clueless. The entire crew is lighting fires all over the place the audience shows real appreciation for. A real cooker with nothing to prove, this is just one of those sets where the special sauce is liberally applied and the result tastes great. Well done.

JACKIE ALLEN/Rose Fingered Dawn: Married Chicago jazzbos take it to a different place as the jazz vocalist vocalizes on a set put together specially for her by her hubby. Certainly the most avant set she's put voice to byte on in her 30 year career, this is what happens when you bring the 50s into the 10s but don't leave out the daddio or the mash up. Cutting edge stuff just right for those willing to follow where these centers of attention lead.

UFO/Salentine Cuts: Ok, we can see UFO doing a covers album and including "Break on Through" and "The Pusher" but Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine"? Why not, 60%of the group isn't the original guys anyway. I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know. Just like other like period Brits, these cats show their love for the blues and somehow turn everything into dirty sounding blues. Bang your head to this.

COLLECTIVE ORDER/Volume Two: In which we find ourselves in the midst of the first, all original, mental telepathy jazz date---and we find the bar is set pretty high. An outgrowth of most of the Toronto jazz scene gathering in a basement and jamming, their first set went so well they decided to try even harder this time around. Taking solid, non showy for the sake of showy improv to places it's never been, there's something here for everyone but oddly enough, it's solid enough that everyone will probably like everything. Yeah, it's like that. If this isn't a major collection stars of tomorrow getting it all down, then nothing is. Hot stuff.

MOSTLY OTHER PEOPLE DO THE KILLING/Paint: The cool thing about this group is that they have so much chops that when they want to try to pass themselves off as normal, they still come up with the angular stuff they are known for, but they wind up creating such great stuff they could probably turn this out with both their eyes and ears closed. A wild mash up of eras that comes out all right in the end, this disintegration of the piano trio as we know it is simply a gasser and probably impossible for any others to recreate. A sure bet for when it's time for a wild ride, this ground breaker is sure to drive you nuts. Hot stuff from a hot cup.

KEN WILEY/Jazz Horn Redux: A French horn studio ace that's earned his neon tan playing for "Family Guy", Lenny Kravitz and Charlie Haden, among a zillion others, calls up his real jazzbo pals for a set where they kick it out on certified classics adding their own accents to the lineage. Powered by a classic, sit down an listen to this vibe, this gang is playing for the joy of it and they fully well remind you of how great that kind of sound sounds. Pure jazz for pure jazzbo ears, this is the kind of stuff that gives straight ahead a good name no matter how malcontent the listener. Well done throughout.

McKEE BROTHERS/Moon Over Montgomery: How can you not want to check out a crew that finds a Carson Whitsett song pulled from some obscure Dan Penn back porch set? Funky country boys that don't cotton to no genre lines, this bunch of extended family that knows how to pull in talent for the party from far and wide. This is back porch party stuff where the folkies like to get funky and not worry about what the baby sitter is going to cost at the end of the evening. A solid good time that turns any gathering into a fun soiree. Check it out.

MICHELLE LORDI/Dream a Little Dream: Changing course from her last set where she was rubbing elbows with the young bloods, this time out the jazz vocalist rubs elbows with the old pros of the Philly jazz scene on an appropriate set of oldies where she doesn't need to do anything but bring her chops. Warm, straight ahead stuff that hits the target, this is simply some wonderful, classic jazz vocals that work well throughout. Totally tasty and that's more than enough.

THOR PLATTER/Take Time: If you're an old folkie the thing that's going to blow you away about this Buffalo based cat is that he sound s like John Prine and Steve Goodman rolled into one. How'd he do that and do that from so faraway in time and distance? Heartfelt folkie/Americana stuff that hits all the right notes, Platter is aimed to be the new kind of the back porch and he's got it going on. Solid stuff genre fans will recognize as the real deal.

UNKNOWN HERO/In My Head: Ziggy Stardust was a long time ago and now the nu generation finds a need to hoist up a nu Zigster. A modern mash up set by a crew that feels marginalized, these days, you'd be amazed just how big a niche can be---especially when the ‘net knits it all together. It's almost like a nu shoe gaze mash up heads for space.

Volume 40/Number 318
September 15 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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