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JORGINO NETO COLLECTIVE/Harlem: Starting off with some Martin Luther King stuff, you could easily be fooled into thinking this is some kind of angry, classic Gil Scott Heron sounding set but if you stick around, this explodes into a set gloriously inspired by "Headhunters". Joined by a bunch of players that are really feeling it, this original set is not any where close to being an homage to past glories---this stands on it's own as a funky bad boy throughout. A fast ball down the middle for those that know how to appreciate funk like this, your ears are going to be opened mightily with the chops on parade here. Hot stuff that just doesn't quit.

ANDREW SCOTT QUARTET/Brightest Minute: This is the kind of set that makes us question who is more of a pissy pants, jazz fans or fiction fans. Yes, this is a jazz guitar quartet that will have you hearing echoes of Wes and George. Does that mean nobody can go to work on the same eight notes and see what they can come up with? Hemingway had 26 letters to work with---does that mean nobody that came after him should be allowed to rearrange them and see what comes out? Scott has the vision to do something original with those 8 notes and does it with more sure fingeredness than someone just rolling the dice to see what happens. A real comer in the jazz guitar world, Scott has what it takes to grab your ears and make you a fan. Solid stuff throughout.

LEW JETTON & 61 SOUTH/Palestine Blues: Achingly badass white boy blues in which the singer is pouring out his guts about his personal journey through hell in which there probably were real hellhounds on his tail. Take Townes Van Zandt's demons, turn them up a notch and set them on fire and you begin to get an idea what's going on here, with the whole thing amped up well beyond folkie stuff. This record ain't no place for poseurs to get their jollies from the suburbs, this is the real deal.

BEHN GILLECE/Walk of Fire: An appropriate title since the vibes here are smoking, as is the dazzling crew providing the rest of the vibe behind the vibes. High octane, high energy without ever being high and mighty, this is as daddio as you can get without heroin and hats. Powered by a bunch of cats that are no strangers to another, this is the kind of solid listening date that makes you think there's more than just good vibes in the air. It's a tasty taste treat that just can't be beat.

DAVE ASKREN-JEFF BENEDICT/Come Together: This guitar sax duo and their pals have the sound of after hours down cold. The air is hazy, the breath is boozy and the vibe is cooking but mellow. If that don't take you back to the day, you just weren't raised right. Easy going stuff that leaves it's mark before you realize what's happened, this is a fine place to dig in for some tasty jazzbo moves that know how to perfectly place the paix de deux for maximum effect. Smoking and smoky.

HAROLD LITTLE/Akoben: Funk, go-go and Africana come together in the bell of this DC native's trumpet as he even finds the funk in "Take Five" that Paul Desmond might not have known was lurking in that after hours classic. With a load of DC cats falling in step, this is smoking, overdue debut that shows how Little hasn't even scratched the surface yet. A real party on a platter, this'll even get grandpa's blood flowing to amputation endangered extremities. A real cooker throughout.

DAVE KLINE BAND/Shifting Borders: A violinist that's played with both Dwight Yoakam and Chick Corea? He must have something on the ball. Indulging his love of world jazz, you'll hear echoes of all the cats that grabbed your attention, fiddling his way into your heart along these lines, but you'll also hear a singular voice that knows how to express itself. A world jazz violin tour de force, this cat could have been a critical part of even Leonard Cohen's next tour if Cohen wasn't reaching for Marianne's hand. Hot stuff throughout.

STEVE LANGONE TRIO/Breathe: A mainstay of Boston jazz for the last decade, the drummer has been doing a fine job of filling local ears while working out with national acts as well. Here we find him on his fourth date as a leader and putting in the time to stretch his reputation a little farther and wider. A tasty cat that easily knows how to give the rest of the crew some, this is a tight, accomplished date of tasty work honed in live crucibles but never coming across as background, cocktail jazz. A solid set that doesn't waste any notes, this is a top shelf listening set that was made for winter and fire places when something comfy is key. Well done.

MARCUS MONTEIRO/Another Part of Me: And sometimes you just want to kick back with an album of killer blowing that doesn't have to break any new ground or start new trends when the blowing is simply first class all the way. A real mainstream groover sax date with a set of pop restylings that are a wildly diverse as can be but come together as a well played whole, this set has such smoking passages that you get distracted enough to feel like you should be clapping at the end of the run. If your idea of comfort food is filet and double baked potato, this is the grooving soundtrack for the story of your life. Hot stuff.

MILES DONAHUE/The Bug: You probably never heard of this white guy who went to Europe to be an underappreciated jazz man but being named Miles and playing a trumpet as well as lining up a guest list that alone should peak your curiosity, this cat that turned pro later in life has enough on the ball to turn your ear in his direction. With the ability to shift gears from funk to art to fusion without skipping a beat or losing you along the way, it's time you made a discovery here. A smart player that has multi-threat credentials, he knows his jazz and knows how to give it a right on display. Check it out.

Volume 40/Number 276
August 4, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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