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JOSEPH VELEZ/Offerings: A bass player that lives to groove and has plied his trade at the highest heights of below the radar, you just can't stop this cat from going where he will once he takes off. Obviously, air thang he gon do be funky from now on, this mighty ear opener is a gasser that could have easily stood on it's own four strings without any vocal help. Hot stuff throughout.

TOM KILLNER/Live: A white boy with bluesed up rock learned from the masters and then some, Killner turns the shrederoonie up to 11, growls from feral depths and amazes you that he can lay back when he has to but it's only to lull you into thinking he's got no more sonic assaults in his bag of tricks. EDM be damned, if you aren't still young, this set will remind you of what it was to be young. Hot, hard and heavy, this cat knows how to hit the target.

LINNTETT/Nature: Leading a crew of sax players, Kira Linn and her ‘tett' break some new ground here on her set of all originals. Giving you a head fake standing on the cover with her ‘ain't I smart looking' pomo glasses wearing a detached affect face while looking at her sax ax, you can easily be misled into thinking his is an art chick deluxe. Wrong! Linn is a real jazzbo with ideas that weren't formed on the trust fund dole. A young lioness with plenty of bite to back up her bark, this is the fully formed arrival of a major, new jazz talent. Hard hitting without being obvious about it, this is some tasty zinger that works throughout. Well done.
71184 (Jazz Thing Next Generation 68)

HORNSTROM/Dark: Dueling bones with a drum and bass behind them, this crew knows how to stir up a first class listening date that catches you unawares with it's deceptive simplicity that encourages you to settle in for an inspired ride. Jazzbos that know their stuff and know what it's all about to push the envelop but keep things on track, this creative set doesn't demand you sit through something that's work to listen to rather than fun to listen to. Highly enjoyable left leaning jazz that hits all the right notes.

TIMUCIN SAHIN'S FLOW STATE/Nothing Bad Can Happen: A nu version of classic ECM anyone? We're kind of talking about when WATT distributed ECM rather than the other way around, this is improv that makes no apology for going where it will. Walking that fine line between noise and art untimely turning up on the right side of the fence, this crew shows how to do so much with just a little. A soloed bet for the jazzbo that doesn't like it easy but doesn't like it too rough.

LOUIS SCLAVIS/Lion Dans Les Terres: A hell raiser on clarinet, Sclavis is a touch younger than the typical focus of this jazz legends series, and we think that's a move for the good. Why wait until these Euro hell raisers can't deliver the joyful noise anymore? A mere sprout of 64, with three like minded pieces behind him stirring up the dust, this is what real left leaning improv fans want to hear. Really putting the free in free jazz, this is a wild ride that's not for the smooth jazz cred in water front bars at sun set. There's just no holds barred here.
71323 (Jazz Thing European Jazz Legends 11)

HANS LUDEMANN & TRIO IVOIRE/Desert Pulse: Funny how music that has it's roots in Euro jazz and West African sounds can sound like something that came about when Windham Hill was phasing out of new age and moving into world and jazz. Loaded with the kind of stuff that opens your ears, this nu world/jazz date shows the future of the form is in good hands and searching ears can rest assured. Tasty throughout, it's laid back without being sleep inducing while it's charm knows no bounds. A really sweet set.

BRIAN BELET/Sufficient Trouble: Take seasoning from Beaver & Krause, Denny Zeitlin and Philip Glass, stir until set and what do you get? How about a killer contemporary classical record that takes things out of this realm and well into the next? Not dropping a trace of pots & pans music as it pulls you into it's sonic web, it also avoids some of the unsettling journey through hell vibes that turn up in a lot contemporary classical as well. This is well reasoned, well leavened computer assisted music you don't have to be a malcontent to get into, just be in touch with your experimental side for maximum enjoyment. A compilation of stuff recorded over 20 years, this is the real deal with no manqué-ing around.
7969 (Ravello)

MICHAEL KUREK/Sea Knows: This is the kind of stuff that's simply a cut above. Straddling several genres, this is the kind of new age you get when those Friesen boys have their hands on the wheel. This is the kind of chamber music you get when it's not being funded by art's councils. This is simply a wonderful ride through the world of contemporary, instrumental music no matter what you want to call it. Music that really captures you and excels in giving you solace in quiet times, it just doesn't get any better than this.
6111 (Navona)

DOUG MACLEOD/Break the Chain: A cat that's perennially at the top of all the short lists in modern blues, MacLeod let's loose here by telling all boundaries to shove off and then delivering unassailable goods, dropping hits to all fields. A long time vet that's still young enough to call his best merely penultimate, this is modern white boy blues at the apex. Hot stuff throughout, this is a load of blues that's directly from the soul. Well done throughout.

Volume 40/Number 227
June 16, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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