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VIRGINIA SCHENCK/Aminata Mosera: Long fascinated with Abbey Lincoln, the jazz vocalist takes it to the next level of the game as she ups her game and focuses on Lincoln after Lincoln's consciousness rising where she took her African roots to the next level of the game. Really feeling it for a white girl, Schenck's soul connects to Lincoln's lyrics and a real mind blower arrives fully formed. Hot stuff throughout.

APE SHIFTER: Hard hitting instrumental progressive rock that wears all the influences of the last 40 years of rock hell raising proudly on it's sleeve. Merrily taking you from hell to heaven, this power trio just plain isn't here to screw around. A crew of proven chopmeisters, this is where the real underground begins. Simply killer stuff.

JUST ANOTHER FOUNDRY/Bouwer: In which we examine one of the great differences between American jazz and Euro jazz: these young, hell raising cats are certainly a forward thinking bunch, but these award winners are finding the Euro future of jazz deep in the roots of Art Ensemble of Chicago and other like minded hell raisers of the past. The sound of civil rights jazz unleavened by the struggle but facing new struggles for those that want to come across the pond, youth is getting ready for new rebellion across the board and the soundtracks are coming from all quadrants. Beware the future is here.
71182 (Jazzthing Next Generation V. 66)

KATIE CRUEL/The Roving Jewel: Actually a duo that looks forward and backward at the same time, they took their name from the old Pentangle folk song and deliver as much of a progressive jazz vocal date as you can where things are pretty much centered on guitar and vocal and feel pretty folkie. Certainly a forward thinking date no matter how and what the trappings are, the singer doesn't come across as a trust fund art chick and shows a real respect for the music and the listener. A solid, out of the ordinary bet, this set will probably take you places you've only heard in dreams.

NOAH PREMINGER/Meditations of Freedom: The fast news cycle has sped up everything else. Recorded in December and in your hands now, the sax man is driven to protest like every one else these days and delivers his new take on modern protest music in record time. In touch with the blows against the empire jazz echoed in struggles past, this is a white boy with the blues, and we don't mean the musical kind. Beating the would be Phil Ochs's to the punch, Preminger lifts his ax to let it sing---against the nu status quo. Hell, I like it much better than his recent tip toe through the graveyard set. This is really where the rubber meets the road.

JASON ANICK-JASON YEAGER/United: Here's a dandy dose of pure playing for real listeners. This piano/violin duo play off each other with classical elegance and I think we should refer to this as high octane instrumental music. Even though the duo have jazz chops, they really take the playing to someplace else throughout. Feeling inspired by Windham Hill but certainly not of Windham Hill, this has the feel of the great small group recordings from the Hill's early days when ripe discoveries were right around each next corner. Killer stuff throughout.

ENRICO PIERANUNZI-ROSARIO GIULIANI/Duke's Dream: A piano/sax date that tips the cap to Ellington and doesn't sound like two cats noodling. A solidly made date that doesn't even take a ride on the A train even if it takes a ride on the Coltrane, these kind of recitals that swing are good for you without feeling good for you. A tasty workout throughout, these two jazzbos will keep your ears in good hands. Well done.

GUNTER BABY SOMMER/Le Piccole Cose: The latest in the label's series of honoring legends of German jazz spotlights a progressive drummer of long standing that doesn't let you go discovering him thinking he's an egghead. There's more Louis Prima here than you'll know what to do with. A jazzbos that feels his spiritual Afro jazz roots, he knows more than just how to kick that kick drum, he kicks ass most righteously. Snazzy, snappy stuff that'll really get your blood flowing as it brings him wider, well deserved recognition. Check it out and you‘ll know why the audience is applauding as enthusiastically as they are.
71321 (European Jazz Legends 9)

GEOFF ACHISON/Another Mile Another Minute: The vet Australian roots rockers comes back with his first new set in way too long and it should serve to be an international career maker. A killer amalgam of 70s sounds from before MTV and AOR codified everything and there was room for something with a beating heart to break through, this set is already up for every award in it's home turf and it's easy to see why. Folk? Blues? Roots? It's all here and it sounds glorious without a pre fab note in the bunch. A killer spot for boomers to get their groove on. Well done.

TIPHONY DAMES with Coyote Kings: Everyone moves out of their comfort zone as the northwest trio doesn't give up the rock to face off with a no nonsense soul mama that knows how to rev up the R&B. Award winners all, this bunch pushes the limits with great, rocked up results for nu ears looking for nu kicks. Hot stuff that was tailor made for all night parties.

Volume 40/Number 104
February 13, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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