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LUJURIA/Rockeando El Pavimento: The Argentinean power rock trio turns up the thrash. Even if you don't know what they are talking about, the kid flipping the bird on the cover says it all. Hot, hard and heavy that shows raging teen hormones speak the same language the world over. Check it out.

SEGREGATES/Burston: No one can make you forget Lemmy, but this new band inspired by Motorhead is stepping up to fill the void. Hard heavy and out of control, they find the eternal head bang groove and stick to it. Bad ass stuff for the kids that really feel disenfranchised.

HEATHER BAMBRICK/You'll Never Know: With over 20 award winning years under her belt, this Canadian multi tasker serves up a classy, sassy jazz vocal date with quite the eclectically mixed songbag. A sophisticated cocktail date you'll want to keep when it comes to getting your weekend started right, all that's missing from the mix here is the sound of martini glasses clinking. A winner throughout.

GIANNI BIANCHINI/Type 1: Calling his debut album "Type 1" to remind him that he has to kick his diabetes' ass rather than the other way around, the piano man's piano trio debut tackles a host of chestnuts but he makes the all modern rather than easy listening pretty music. Not at all creative for the sake of creativity, the young ‘un takes you and the songs to new places, all of them a treat. Well done.

HIROMI SUDA/Nagi: The dexterous Anne Drummond is just the right cat to back up a jazz vocalist that's bridging cultures with her Japanese/Brazilian fusion. Kicking things off with some Jobim, it sets a Brazilian flavored set in motion that by the time Suda goes Japanese on us, it feels like just another indigenous Brazilian tangent because the jazzbos on board have set the mood just right. A tasty diversion that's more right down the middle than you might realize, this is most assuredly an unexpected treat. Well done.

JIHYE LEE ORCHESTRA/April: You really wouldn't know this big band date is a tribute to a boat sinking and the passengers that died as a result. It's sounds like a moody, deep work where there's a heavy accent on quality at all levels of the game. Certainly not to be confused with danceable music, this is first class, sitting down/listening jazz that's smart throughout in the best sense of everything big band has to offer. With this monumental work being a debut effort, Lee is well on her way to lighting up the jazz sky. Solid work throughout.

JOSH GREEN & THE CYBORG ORCHESTRA/Telepathy & Bop: With a secure day job doing the music for the crummy "Real Housewives" shows, Green and his pals set out to have fun with their various musical interests. You like nutty? He starts out with crime jazz but takes it to places only Buckaroo Bonzai could use when he starts his career as a TV detective in the 25th century. Big band as envisioned by Raymond Scott, the wheels never fall off and the adventurous ears are so well served here that there's no turning back for some of them after encountering this vision of the future. Killer stuff throughout.

RICHARD BARBIERI/Planets + Persona: Here's a little bit of the old electro minimalism that offers a few fun house rides through hell along the way proving it to be not for the average suburbanite. No oontz oontz and no ambient, this is what cooler urban millenials will be playing when they want to feel like they are taking a walk on the wild side.

CURSE OF LONO/Severed: With Hunter Thompson as your lodestar and a producer from Nettwork as your helmer--somewhere you are going to find your inner Kraftwerk meeting your inner Leonard Cohen on a subversive Americana street corner. If Beavis were still passing judgment today, he'd certainly be certifying this as college rock. Sure to become a dorm room staple. Check it out.

JOHN STEIN/Color Tones: It's not daddio jazz but it's right in the pocket of the classic jazzbo sessions that caught your attention back in the day before you were even sure just what it was that was hitting you. With a crew right in step with the guitarist leading the way, this is on point beautiful playing that you just want to sink back into. Snazzy stuff that grabs you ear and doesn't let go. Well done throughout.

Volume 40/Number 87
January 27, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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