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BRIAN DICKINSON QUINTET/Rhythm Method: Well gringos, it time to send a little love to the north if you aren't aware of this grand daddy of Canadian jazz piano. With a like minded crew in tow, Dickinson tips the cp to Lennie Tristano with a se t of originals inspired by Tristano. Without sanding off the rough edges of the core sounds, this is muscular, angular jazz that you don't have to be a hard core daddio to fall under it's spell. A smart listening date that can easily turn your headphones in to a smoky after hours club, if this doesn't tickle your recidivist jazz genes, nothing will. Check it out.

JOHN GINTY featuring Aster Pheonyx/Rockers: The down and dirty rocking organ whiz plays a club date, gets blown away by the opening act and tells her he plays with Redman, Jewel and Dixie Chicks finally asking her if she wants to run away and join his circus. When she answered yes, you wound up with the result that happened when these two immutable forces collided. If this was the 70s, your local AOR outlet would have already beaten you into submission of this date. High octane rocking that never quits rolling, all that's missing here is a bunch of PBR sloshing around. Hot stuff.

AL MUIRHEAD/Northern Adventures-The Canada Sessions V. 1: If you aren't conversant in Canadian jazz, you might not catch the significance of this date at first glance. Muirhead, a well decorated senior member of the Canadian jazz world, gathers of bunch of top, mainstream Canadian jazzbos for a wild and wooly romp through the chestnuts that he inhaled as he was coming up. You might never have heard straight ahead jazz played so well as you'll hear it here. Killer stuff throughout whose pedigree speaks for itself even if the music does it so much more eloquently. Hot stuff throughout.

DAVE FIELDS/Unleashed: He might fancy himself as a blues rocker, but this guitar slinger has the chops and know how to deliver the hits to all fields. Falling distinctly somewhere between bombast and lightweight, Fields does much more than dazzle with rapid scale runs by showing he knows how to coax great sounds from his ax. This is how it was once at the Fillmore before al the cats could afford coke and think some noodling half hour jam that didn't go anywhere was profound. Powered by bring the kind of date where the music itself is the drug, you can really get real high on the tunes this cat kicks out. Well done.

MIGUEL ZENON/Tipico: The MacArthur grant winner continues to enjoy the creative freedom the grant allows by digging deeper into his love of creating original modern jazz while keeping true to his Puerto Rican roots. Smoking modern jazz in any language, it makes you feel good when these grants go to the truly deserving and the rise even farther for the occasion. Zenon just doesn't have it in him to let you down. Smoking throughout.

GUSTAVO CORTINAS SNAPSHOT/Esse: The drummer from Mexico finds a bunch of simpatico players in Chicago while working on his masters at Northwestern and they turn in music that more than just a bunch of notes. With the forward kind of thinking that tempts you to label him as Tito Puente III, you can dance, you can listen and you can enjoy this thoroughly throughout. Soulful enough that you have to call this playing right from the heart, this round of Latin jazz inspired by the works of philosophers dazzles the ear in fine style. Well done.

JERRY LEAKE/Crafty Hands: The interesting trick multi percussionist Leake pulls off once again is that the makes compelling world music by and for white people. Any self respecting armchair traveler will get into these grooves without feeling like he's being pandered to with a gift shop or ethnic restaurant record. Smartly layered and well textured, this world/rock fusion leads you down different streets and back alleys that the normal world/jazz date would---and these are streets well worth checking out. A must if you enjoy digging into meaty, creative music that isn't work to listen to and enjoy. Well done.

TOM CRAIG & SOUL PATCH/Get Ready for Me: Road warriors from Delaware with a smoking dose of Memphis in their soul, these white boys with the blues know how to keep the roadhouse rocking all night. With loads of southern show band moves in their arsenal, you know right form the first few bars that these are real party people that have as much of a handle on the future as they do the past. Hot stuff.

TIM MAHONEY/Brooklyn: Former contestant on The Voice ditches the hype end of the music machine for going forward as a sensitive singer/songwriter. Glad he's decided to head in the right direction.

BARON TYMAS/Montreal: So what's a jazz guitarist to do when he's in Montreal on a
Fulbright fellowship? How about write some originals that are right in the pocket and find some like minded cats to lay it all down with. One of those records where everything comes together so righteously that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it, this is a solid mainstream date that does nothing but hit all the right notes and hit them so well. A warm, inviting date inspired by the sights and sounds of such a chilly place, this is a great set of summery sounds to chase the winter blues away. Well done.

Volume 40/Number 73
January 13, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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