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REIS DEMUTH WILTGEN/Places in Between: A Luxembourg piano trio that has been hanging out together since their school days in the last century show there's still plenty of interesting, new moves hiding in those old piano trio bones. With angular, muscular playing as their leading edge, they fuse old and new into a tasty nu mix that might not be your father's jazz piano trio but might well be yours. Hard swingers at their core, this bunch opens the ears to possibilities that lie beyond mere Evans manqueing around. Check it out for a ride new ride that's quite unexpected and well worth it.

AXEL KUHN TRIO/Zeitgeist: A piano trio led by an award winning bass player has the ears and eyes to want to take jazz to some new places. These new places here involve a rock attitude placed within the jazz piano trio framework. Loaded with the kind of contemporary elements that'll drive moldy figs up the wall but have the smarts to grab the college kid getting his jazz feet wet, this bunch opens some new doors along the way but really don't let the apple fall far from the tree. A solid set for forward thinkers.

MARC PERRENOUD TRIO/Nature Boy: Can you speak words using only music? This progressive jazz piano trio seems to think so. A bunch of young bloods that aren't about the tradition, they have a full on rock attitude and even take it to the max with this conceptual work about growing pains that sounds like it has kinship with many prog rock releases. A smart set for deep thinkers, this crew's take no prisoners attitude will fare well for them as they assay their way around breaking down old boundaries. And they play great as well so there's plenty here to back up their ambition with. Check it out.

HABERECHT4/Essence: A young lady sax player that loves improv but wants to put her own stamp on it, she brings feminine energy to the fore even as she wants to submerge the fact that she's a chick honking on the sax. Serving up a late night kind of energy when the buzz is wearing off, it's wild how spontaneity can hide so well in the mellow. With a smart crew behind her and solid chops in front of her, this is kind of an experimental date that won't leave you scratching your head when it's done. Tasty stuff from a player that's going to be leaving her mark no matter how she tries to obscure it. Well done.
71176 Next Generation Jazzthing vol. 64

MARA ROSENBLOOM TRIO/Prairie Burn: Punk rock energy comes to jazz as this set was recorded in 38 minutes of first/only takes. Throwing all of her influences against the wall often at once, this is a set for the artsy jazz fan looking for something deep and hard to pin down but well played.

ELI YAMIN & the Astro Intergenerational Arkestra/Message From Saturn: Yamin has a musical lineage that finds him handling the works of Ellington and Armstrong. How this led him into creating a work inspired by Sun Ra and Mary Lou Williams, that's only our guess. However, he doesn't leave you guessing like Ra did with this sprightly work that is a real ear opener. A wonderfully forward thinking program, the best of it is that he holds out hope for the future. Smart stuff throughout that goes well above and beyond.

JAZZ THIEVES/Brooklyn Elegy: Supposed Gil Scott Heron had punk rock energy and was making records as a young man today. I think he would sound a little something like this multi-culti crew that doesn't believe in any kind of stereotypes. Wild stuff that'll probably be au current a few years from now.

AUDREY SILVER/Very Early: Once upon a time, the Ertegun brothers would make and release records like this because they had to be made. Take a singer with a great voice, add the crème of the jazzbos on call, mix some originals with depth along side some covers that can be delivered properly and viola, a killer jazz/cabaret record. Silver must have been eating those records for breakfast all these years. An utterly gorgeous date that sophisticated, up market listeners will love.

ROBERT RODRIGUEZ/Melodies & Fantasies: Fresh from a Grammy nomination, Rodriguez rounds up two pro pals to debut his jazz piano trio. Starting out in his native Latin mode, the crew swings and rock from their leaving no stone unturned and no note unplayed. Smart and solid throughout, these cats are here to round up and conquer. Dates like this are simply winners throughout.

TREVOR ALGUIRE/Perish in the Light: The Canadian version of folk rock roots music, this solid songwriter lays it all out for you and the banquet is quite sumptuous. Having learned his musical lessons from Jackson Browne by way of Tom Petty, he serves a fast ball right down the middle that's just too juicy not to take a swing at. No matter which way the ball bounces for him in the future, he's already making a mark that's going to be hard to erase. Well done.

Volume 39/Number 325
September 23, 2016
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2016 Midwest Record

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