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SECURITY PROJECT/Live 2: So a bunch of well traveled prog rockers get together to celebrate prog works in nu fashion, what would you expect to happen? A dandy update for those that can't get enough, the enthusiastic crowd in the background probably feels just the way you do. Not a gift shop version of the tracks, this is another slice of the real deal and it's done right.

STEVE GADD BAND/Way Back Home-Live From Rochester, NY: When a master blaster like Gadd wants to celebrate his 70th birthday by really kicking it out with his new band of pros in tow, just get out of his way, give him his head and don't ever think he needs a label supervisor giving him a set of notes. Beyond fusion, beyond funk, beyond jazz, this is the bomb. Enthusiastic playing from the head, heart and gut, this embellished package with a dvd and disc of interviews is the right and proper way concelebrate a milestone birthday of a musical life well lived. This is one of the guys that set the bar and now he's raising it again for good measure. Hot stuff throughout.

MARK DRESSER SEVEN/Sedimental You: Assembling a multi generation crew of creative jazzbos, you can almost hear an homage to the sprightly side of JCOA echoing about in these grooves. Free jazz that doesn't give you a headache, this is letting the jazz kids have fun in the sand box and put a smile on your face as a result. Serious music that doesn't take itself too seriously, there's a good time to be had digging this groove.

MILI BERMEJO-DAN GREENSPAN/Arte Del Duo: In their first purely duo recording in 20 years, this voice/bass dup strip it down to the essentials and deliver a very personal recital for the true fans that have been enraptured by them over the years. Continuing in the unique vein of music they've created over the years, this is almost like a gift to each other that we are allowed to peek behind the curtain at. A must for the real deep world beater, it feels like they are playing for you alone. The sophisticated, international listener will treat this like manna from heaven.

ALEX LORE QUARTET/More Figs and Blue Things: Left leaning domestic takes on Euro jazz and improv finds the sax man leading the crew through left field moves but not ones that fall far from the tree. Certainly in step as an ensemble, this crew aims to please as interplay and consonance is much more important to them than dissonance and dischord. A dandy stopping point when you want to move outside your listening comfort zone but want to feel like you spent your money wisely. Check it out.

SATOKO FUJII-JOE FONDA/Duet: In only their second concert ever, these two pros that have played with everyone and forgotten more about improv than most people will ever know find a great middle ground where Japan's fave jazz art chick tears it up with an American bass ace where it's just them. A serious bet for listeners who like jazz recitals, this is as deep as it gets. Sparks fly and the outré fan will think this is a love fest hoping it turns into a regular thing.

TONY MORENO QUINTET/Short Stories: Can you imagine what it must be like to get your first set of drums directly from Elvin Jones when you are ten, spend a lifetime building up your musical back pages only to have it all destroyed by Hurricane Sandy? Moreno knows. Demoralizing? Probably to say the least. Since time and tide wait for no man, Moreno rebuilt and came to this double cd of gratitude to all the people that didn't leave him by the wayside in the wake of the destruction. A very personal sounding set with some real pros on board, this might be personal but the sense of loss has an everyman reachability and the whole thing doesn't wallow in ‘poor me' vibes. Very much a full bloodied release, this stands with some of the most emotionally driven jazz made. Check it out.

JORDAN YOUNG/Jazz Jukebox: The drummer leads the organ trio on a romp of offbeat and on point selections, with some added originals, that make up his own eclectic version of a jazz juke box. A solid set made for good time rolling, the message here is to swing and this medium is loaded with that message. Solid stuff that doesn't quit, this is a jazz party to get on the list for. Well done.

FREE NELSON MANDOOMJAZZ/Organ Grinder: The Scottish trio widens the scope of their doom jazz with a wider and bolder palette that may well pull more young Goths into the tent and really send them off in different directions. Still loaded with the free jazz spirit, I guess even nascent daddies get the blues. For left field tastes to check out.

THE BURGEONING/Loud Dreams: Young indie rockers that favor the 90s malcontents who got ‘alt.' it's own entry in the Oxford Dictionary, sunshine mixes with overcast as the indie pop sounds twists and turns for today's kids. Searching high school kids might be the ones to search out this sound.

Volume 39/Number 318
September 16, 2016
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2016 Midwest Record

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